Wallis & Co

This intimate cocktail lounge is a destination in itself.

The temptation of our cocktail lounge is hard to resist for fans of premium beverages. Take your tongue on an adventure around the world with cocktails that will excite your taste buds. Leave your inhibitions at the door as our mixologists serve up tasty concoctions using your favourite flavours.

Fans of classic drinks can find a variety of premium wines and spirits behind the bar.

Wallis & Co

Cocktail Master Class

Anyone wanting to learn the secrets of Wallis & Co’s mixologists can get in touch for a master class in making our cocktails. When it comes to attractive and impressive hidden talents, cocktail making ranks high. Our cocktail classes are a great activity to enjoy with partners or friends, and whether you master the trade or not, it will all end with a tasty drink. Please contact us for more information.